CrossFit Quarter Melville Teens (12-17 years)

Our CrossFit Quarter Teens Program is for 12 – 17 year olds to help improve their fitness, strength, speed, power and stamina for their chosen sports. Or for those who simply wish to do CrossFit as their chosen sport.

We aim to build a group of motivated and enthusiastic athletes who encourage and inspire each other to improve at each session and it is a great opportunity for teens to meet and interact with others from different sporting codes and schools.

This program runs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons at 4pm with athletes being able to attend as many times a week as they wish depending on their workload and other training commitments.

The program also runs through the school holidays with the exception of public holidays.

What movements might you see in a session:

  • Cardio – Running, rowing, skipping, jumping
  • Olympic Weightlifting – Squats, presses, deadlifts, clean & jerk etc…
  • Gymnastics (Bodyweight movements) – Pull-ups, push-ups, rings, handstands, core work etc…
  • Carrying & Moving Loads
  • Team activities, partner workouts and challenges

The sessions and movements are scaled to each athlete. No previous experience is required.

Payment is generally via a 10 pass class card for $150 (Cash or EFT).

Other options available for teens who wish to attend multiple times per week.

We welcome any interested teen to come down for a free trial session any Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon, which is the best first step.

To register your interest, please email or fill in your details on right panel on this page to let us know you will be coming down.