Friday 18th April 2014


We will only be open from 8am – 10am for Open Gym.

No set class or WOD but you will be able to come down and work on your lifting, a gymnastics skill or do a WOD that you have missed or wish to re-do.

Please book in via MindBody.



    Saskia; Baseline 1RM sq / 77.5 , 5.45 rx
    Rach; rope climbs (r) HSPU, Annie / 7.20
    Marshy; 1RM DL + grace / 75kg , 4.29 (50k)
    Brett M; 1RM pul clean + gace (75kg, 4.29 (50kg)
    Brett;30 min EMOM / 2x 100kg DL + 5 burpees
    Cass; pull ups , push ups, DUs
    Tony; rope practice / DU / handstand / Bsq
    Sean; fri 11th april WOD 253 reps (RR, O, 7kg)
    Candice; 122kg DL , 74
    Anna k; pull ups / DU max 93
    Chels; 10mins AMRAPs 15 snatch (25kg) 30 DU
    Kate; annie 9.15
    Abbey; 12 mins row/ burpees

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