Membership Process – Newbie to group classes

Step 1: Free Trial Class 

For those completely new to CrossFit, we generally suggest the best first step is attendance at one of our classes for free and have a chat with one of our coaches.

This class is an opportunity for you to come down and see the gym, experience the environment, meet our coaches, feel the vibe and see a class in action.

We will also explain everything about CrossFit, how we do things at CFQ and answer all your questions.

No experience required, any age or fitness level encouraged. Everything we do is scalable and we can cater to all.

To register your interest to attend a free beginner trial class simply email us at


Step 2: Foundations Course 

Following on form the beginner session, the bridging step to group classes is to complete our “Foundations Course”

Our Foundations program runs over 4 weeks where you will you participate in 4 x 1 hour beginner sessions where we will teach you all of the movements you might see in a class, as well as scaling/substitution options for everything we do.

Each session focuses on teaching you the basics of gymnastic movements and barbell movements, as well as finishing each session with a workout which includes some movements you have just learnt.

These sessions are all 1-on-1 with your very own coach.

After week one and during weeks 2 to 4, you get 2 additional classes per week  in amongst our standard classes.

It is the perfect introduction into CrossFit where we will guide you every step of the way.

The cost of Foundations is $295, which will essentially see you training with us for a month.

The Foundations course runs around your schedule and coaching availability but we usually try to run you through the 4 sessions over 4 weeks whilst you also use your extra 6 class sessions in the last 3 weeks.


Step 3:  Membership to group classes

  • Following completion of the Foundations Course you will be able to sign up to one of our membership options.
    • Unlimited Memberships for $60 per week
    • 2 Classes Per Week Membership for $47.5 per week
      • We recommend easing your way into our style of training by beginning with 2 to 4 sessions per week before you trying to come everyday! This will help you to avoid injuries and burnout.