Monday 1st February 2021

“Lockdown ain’t so bad”
3-5 Rounds of:
  • 1 min Pulling or hip hinge movement
  • 1 min Pressing movement
  • 1 min Cardio movement
  • 1 min Squatting movement
  • 1 min Jumping movement
1 min rest between rounds
Repeat for 3-5 total rounds
Choose your own adventure and pick the movement of your choice or based on what you have.
  • Pulling or hip hinge: Up/Downs, Glute bridge, back extensions, KBS, DB Snatch, Deadlifts (light), Power Cleans (light), V-sits
  • Pressing: Push-ups, HSPU, dips, DB/KB, Barbell press (light)
  • Cardio: Shuttle runs, bike/row, burpees, skipping
  • Squatting: Air squats, lunges, jumping air squats, goblet squats, pistols, wall balls, thrusters, med ball cleans, weighted step ups
  • Jumping movements: Box Jumps, Broad Jumps, Tuck jumps, skipping, object jump overs
If you’ve got no equipment and don’t want to think, do this:
5 rounds of:
  • 1 min Up/Downs
  • 1 min Push ups
  • 1 min Shuttle runs
  • 1 min Walking Lunges
  • 1 min Broad Jumps
If you grabbed a KB/DB from the gym or have a weighted object at home, do this:
5 rounds of:
  • 1 min KBS / Alt DB Snatch
  • 1 min Push-ups
  • 1 min Burpees
  • 1 min Goblet squats
  • 1 min lateral jump overs the KB/DB

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