Saturday 11th January 2014

The last of our Benchmark week…….congrats to everyone who has hit a PR or 5!


For Time:

  • 50 x Box Jumps (24/20?)
  • 50 x Jumping Pull-ups
  • 50 x KB Swings (16/12kg)
  • 50 x Walking Lunges (50 steps)
  • 50 x Knees to Elbows
  • 50 x Push Press (20/15kg)
  • 50 x Supermans
  • 50 x Wall Balls (9/7kg)
  • 50 x Burpees
  • 50 x Double Unders

Can be scaled to “Dirty Thirty” as required.

Also the Whole Life Challenge starts today so I thought I’d share a breakfast recipe with you all. 

A paleo take on bircher museli. 

paleo bircher

Step 1 – Put 2 peeled and chopped apples, 1 cup of almonds & 1/2 cup of almond milk in the blender. Blend til apple is pureed. 
I tend to do this part the night before I plan to eat and it usually makes me 3 servings which will stay okay in the fridge until eaten. 

Then in the morning, about 10-15mins before I plan to eat, I do Step 2 to one of the serves – 
Add 1/4 – 1/3 Chia seeds
Add 1/2 Apple (chopped into bits) 
Add 1/4 – 1/3 cup of Almond milk 
If you wish add dash of cinnamon 
Then give it a stir and pop it back in the fridge for 10mins to set/thicken up and enjoy! 
I used to drizzle a it of honey on top but not allowed in the WLC Challenge.



  1. 7am
    Kate s; 27.41 (tucks)
    Hope; 26.03 (tucks)
    Ash; 28.13 (tucks, 6kg)
    Reggie; 30.28 RX
    Liv; 28.50 (tucks)
    JT; 22.45 (k2Tri)
    Rach; 26.41 (tucks)
    Mel; 21.25 (k2Tri)
    Ads; 21.42 RX
    Megs;26.00 (tucks)
    Abbey; 26.03? (k2 Tri)
    Graeme; 35.00 (81ss – singles)
    Tyler; 30.54 (tucks, singles)
    Karis; 28.55 (tucks, singles)
    Jody; 29.31 RX
    Aaron; 27.34 RX
    Anna k; 27.48 (k2c, 6kg, singles)
    Mac; 30.12 (push ups, ½ swing)
    Kat C; 35.00 (41 burpee, tucks, 5kg, singles)
    JB; 26.41 RX
    Bec; 23.23 RX
    Mel W; 37.11 (k2C, SK, Singles)
    Rod; 34.22 (tucks, single)
    Brig; 22.56 (tucks, 5kg)
    Saskia; 25.08 (KTC/ Singles)
    Katie; 30.02 (KTC)


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