Saturday 25th October 2014

Heads up team that we are filming a CFQ Promo Video at the gym tomorrow 7am – 10am.

It would be great if you could come down. wear your CFQ shirt or your favourite outfit. 

Speaking roles and extra roles available as you wish. 


20 min AMRAP of:

  • 5 Power cleans (45/ 65)
  • 10 Toes to bar
  • 15 Wall balls (7/9)

IMG_4065Tyler in one of Luke’s lifting classes 


  1. 7am
    Mel; 8+5t2b
    Marshy; 8+3 wb (55kg)
    Lloyd; 7+2 pc(55kg)
    Leigh; 7+1t2b rx
    Abbey; 10+3 pc rx
    Jen; 6 (35kg, ktc)
    Rach B; 8+5pc (32.5kg, 6kg)
    Rod; 8+13 wb (45kg, 7kg, situp)
    Naiara; 7 (25kg, 5kg)
    Smithy; 7+5pc (50kg, 9kg)
    Claudia; 6+2 t2b (35kg, 6kg)
    Karis; 7+4pc (40kg)
    Gemma M; 4+5 pc (25kg)
    Kate; 7 (push up, 25kg, 6kg)
    JB; 7+8t2b rx
    Grace; 7+1 pc (40kg, k2e)
    Chels; 6+3pc (40kg)
    Ella; 6+5 tb (35kg)
    Chrissy; 6+6tb (30kg, tucks, 5kg)
    Mark; 6+10 t2b (50kg)
    Kate S; 8 +10 wb (35kg, vsit, 6-8)

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