Saturday 28th January 2023

A. Gymnastics day

Option 1 (pull ups/CTB/toes to bar):

4-5 rounds not for time:

  • 5 strict toes to bar
  • 6-10 butterfly pull ups (advanced do chest to bar, scaling is kipping pull ups or butterfly pull ups, add a band if needed)

Option 2 (handstand push ups/muscle ups):

4-5 rounds not for time:

  • 3-5 kipping HSPU (ad an abmat if needed or sub heavy DB push press)
  • 3-5 strict HSPU (add an abmat or sub pike HSPU)
  • 1-5 muscle ups bar or ring, whichever needs the most work (jumping bar muscle ups for those without muscle ups)


B. 4 sets of:

5 mins on 3 mins off


  • Wall balls
  • Toes to bar
  • Then, max alternating pistols in remaining time.

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