Saturday 9th Feb 2013

For Time:

800m Run

Then 5 rounds of

  • 10 Pull ups
  • 15 Push-ups
  • 20 Sit-ups

800m Run


Don’t forget that all push-ups are to be hand release until further notice, so chose your scaling wisely and if you need to put an ab mat under your chest to make depth then we suggest you do so. Otherwise it could be a very long morning for you.



  1. I love the fact your sticking to the h/r method Bec!!!!!! I also loath it though. See you tomorrow.

    • When us coaches can be sure that everyone understands what “Chest to Ground” means then the rule will be lifted. Until then we release the hounds…. I mean hands…..

  2. Rach and I are having a crack at this tomorrow in Bali!

  3. The chic with the short hair in that video is outrageously hot !!

  4. Amanda – 24.07 (KPU, Blue)
    Brad – 23.56 (KPU, Orange)
    Leigh – 22.32 (KPU, Orange)
    Candice – 24.54 (KPU (5), Blue)
    Amy – 16.14 (KPU, Red & Orange)
    Abbey – 15.38 (KPU, Red & Orange)
    Mac – 19.05 Rx
    Glen 18.24 (Red)
    Lloyd – 19.57 (Red & Yellow)

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