All our CrossFit & Teens classes run for 60 mins and are all taken by a qualified coach.

Each class includes a warm-up, mobility exercises, skills practice, the daily WOD followed by stretching and cool down.

An unlimited membership allows you attend as many classes as you wish.

Two per week membership allows you to attend the gym twice in one week for any class. Missed classes are not carried over to the next week.

A Free Trial Class is offered for those interested in seeing and trying out what we are about before committing to our foundations course.

If you are keen to attend the free trial class, simply email us at info@crossfitquartermelville.com to get your name on the list!

Free trial classes for Teens classes are available at the session times below.

The current timetable is as follows, effective October 2023:

Note: The exceptions to this timetable occurs on public holidays when classes are limited, usually to one session at 7.30am. Teens classes run throughout the year, including school holidays.