Caltex Wildcard Weekend

The Primal Throwdown Wildcard Weekend is being held this Saturday and Sunday at Southern CrossFit (10 Whyalla Street, Willeton)

This is the opportunity for those who missed out on a spot at the Primal Throwdown to battle it out for the last remaining places.

CFQ have a number of members competing, so if you have some free time then get down and cheer them on.


Saturday’s athletes –

  • Candice Elliott (Women’s Beginner)
  • Rachel Ivey (Women’s Beginner)
  • Abbey Herbert (Women’s Beginner)
  • Amy Farcich (Women’s Beginner)
  • Paul Gatopulosz (Men’s Beginner)


Sunday’s athletes –

  • Adam Moore (Mens Rx)
  • Adam Cannell (Mens Rx)


The competition kicks off at 10am on both days and should run for most of the day. Athletes have been told to be prepared for 3-4 workouts across the day so there will be plenty of cheering to be done.

Wear your CFQ Shirt if you have one, otherwise buy one off Bec (if your size if left) at the gym of Saturday to wear proudly.

This is CFQ’s first time showing our stuff to the rest of the WA CrossFit community so let’s show them how awesome & supportive of our members we are.

To those competing good luck, have fun and we thank you for representing us! You are already winners!


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