2015 CrossFit Open


The Open is a worldwide competition and the first step towards making it to the CrossFit Games.

5 workouts over 5 weeks where you get to compete against over 250,000 CrossFitters from all around the world.

CrossFit HQ will release a workout, everyone has 4 days to complete and submit their scores for the leader board.

This year they have also introduced a Scaled version for each workout allowing even more people to compete.

It is a great time to be at the gym and every year we see people pushing harder and doing things they never thought possible!


  • Each week at 9am on a Friday morning CrossFit HQ will release the workout with both standards for the Rx and Scaled version of the Workout
  • You will need to decide which version of the workout you wish to do
  • You will then have until Tuesday at 9am to submit your score on the CrossFit Games website – you must do this yourself, we cannot do it for you. This simply involves logging in and noting your score.
  • When completing a workout you must be judged and scored by a fellow member of CFQ
  • We will be doing the weekly released workout at our WOD on Saturday mornings at CFQ
    • At these sessions we will split everyone up into heats and take turns in scoring and judging each other
    • Non-registered members will also have an opportunity to complete these workouts
    • We will be having a BBQ Breakfast this Saturday and Saturday 28th March to celebrate the start & end of the open.
  • If you are unable to make the Saturday session, you will be able to complete your workout at the following times when CFQ is open:
    • Friday evening
    • Monday morning
    • Monday evening
    • Tuesday morning
  • It will be your responsibility to find someone to judge you.
  • You will need to let the coach know that you wish to complete the Open workout and find some space to complete it, away from the rest of the class
  • Each week there will be a plastic sleeve full of blank scorecards for you to use
  • You must ensure this is correctly filled in and handed to your judge before you start your workout
  • Following completion of your workout, ensure your judge signs the scorecard, you can remove the bottom section for your records and for submitting your score online but the main part of the scorecard must be left in the “Completed Workout” Plastic sleeve.
  • Not scorecard in there by Tuesday 9am will mean no validation can be made on your score by us.
  • Workouts can be completed as many times as you like – just ensure you only leave your best scorecard behind for validation


  • Register at https://games.crossfit.com/
  • You can register right up until scores need to be submitted for Week 1
  • Ensure you make yourself available to complete the workout at some stage over the 4 days each week
  • Leave your completed scorecard behind at CFQ
  • Enter your score at https://games.crossfit.com/ before Tuesday 9am
  • Have fun, enjoy yourself and see what happens…..

post 14.5Last year’s crew post 14.5!