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Thursday 22nd November 2018

A. Front Squat

  • 2-2-2-2-2



 B. Fran


  • Thrusters (30/42.5)
  • Pull-ups

10 min cap


Finisher: Alternating Tabata x 10 (5 each)

  • Hollow Hold
  • Plank Hold

Monday 14th May 2018


  • 3-3-3-3-3



B. “Fran”


  • Thrusters (30/42.5)
  • Pull-ups

10 min time cap


Finisher: 400m Farmers Carry (If time permits)

Tuesday 3rd October 2017

A. Strict Press

  • 5-5-5-5

Superset with Toes to Bar (10 reps)

Use this as a skill session and try to establish good rhythm.


B. “Fran”


  • Thrusters (30/42.5)
  • Pull-Ups

10min cap

Wednesday 12th October 2016

10mins to build to heaviest 1RM Shoulder to Overhead




Thrusters (30/42.5)



Compare to previous


Finisher: 2 Rounds

40 Russian Twists

30 Hollow Rocks

30 Arch Rocks

20 V-Sits

20 Superman


Wednesday 17th June 2015


1 = 20-40 DU’s

2 = 6-8 Strict Pull-ups

3 = 2-4 Wall Walks




Thrusters (30/42.5)





Tonight will be coach Jon’s first classes!



Friday 5th June 2015

A. Floor Press



B. Elizabeth


Power Clean (42.5/60)

Ring Dips 



Introducing our new coaches…..

We are pleased to announce that current CFQ Member Jon Springer will be joining the coaching ranks at CFQ.

Jon recently did his CrossFit Level 1, is completing his Cert III in Fitness and has previously worked as a personal trainer. He is a self-confessed CrossFit nerd as well as a very handy and technically sound athlete so it is a perfect fit and an obvious choice.

While Jon has a full time job, he will be helping out with a few classes a week as required after he has been through our coaching interm program. You will see him helping out and coaching under supervision over the next few weeks.

Here a few more things to know about Jon –

How long were you in the Police Force? I was in the Police for just under 5 years, working at Palmyra Police, Katanning Police, Great Southern District Response Group, Murdoch Police and South Metro Response North.

What are your big CrossFit goals? Use Crossfit to be strong, fit, healthy, learn new skills and be a positive role model for my 2 kids. Plus squat 2x bodyweight & C&J 100kg!

What’s your best Fran time? 3:44

Favourite CrossFit movement? Any variation of pull-ups. I also love any WOD that is long & heavy.

Least Favourite movement? Thrusters. They never fail to kick my butt!

Why are you looking forward to coaching at CFQ? I love doing Crossfit and want to turn my hobby into a career. I enjoy working out at CFQ, the coaches and facilities are great, the members are awesome and I want to help them get results from Crossfit. I think it will be greatly beneficial for my development as a coach.

Any other interesting facts about you? I am married with 2 kids, I follow Rugby Union, enjoy riding my motorbike and I’m a self-confessed Crossfit nerd. I also (secretly) used to love it when crims tried to run so that I could jump some fences!

Welcome to the team Jon!


Monday 2nd March 2015

Note: The gym will only be open 8am – 10am tomorrow.


It will be athletes choice tomorrow morning, you may come down at any time between 8am – 10am to participate in a workout, do your own strength/skills work or your own WOD.

There will be a prescribed warm-up on the board and while coaches will be there the session will not be structured.

A new workout will start every 15mins from 8.15am until 9.30am as follows:

8.15am – Elizabeth

  • 21-15-9
    • Cleans (42.5/60)
    • Ring Dips


8.30am – Fran

  • 21-15-9
    • Thrusters (30/42.5)
    • Pull-ups


8.45am – Karen

  • 150 Wall Balls for time


9.00am – Helen

  • 3RFT:
    • 400m Run
    • 21 KBS (16/24)
    • 12 Pull-ups

9.15am – Dianne

  • 21-15-9
    • Deadlifts (70/100)
    • HSPU

9.30am – Cindy

  • 20min AMRAP
    • 5 Pull-ups
    • 10 Push-ups
    • 15 Air Squats


Open WOD 15.1 Done & Dusted!

Tuesday 17th February 2015

A. EMOM Skills for 9

1 = Muscle up / practice

2 = Handstand hold or walk

3 = Ring Hold


B. 5 sets of 3 min AMRAP

5 burpee T2B

400m run

Max muscle up / chest to bar / pull ups

Rest 1 minute



Foundations 22 excited after Fran, make sure you guys say hello to these new faces!


IMG_5181 IMG_5182

Thursday 19th June 2014

A. EMOM for 10 mins

  • 1 x Clean

B. Dyslexic Fran


  • Pull Ups
  • Thrusters (30/42.5)


 Action shot of the KELP fundraiser.

Tuesday 6th May 2014

A. Strict Press

  • 5-5-5

B. “Fran”


  • Thrusters (30/42.5)
  • Pull-ups

 Compare to Fran from 16th December here

Skills Class / Open Gym:       DB / KB Snatch