Affiliate Cup 2013

Important Announcement: 

The 2103 Affiliate Cup is coming up and scheduled for Saturday 9th November.

This event is a teams based event with 2 guys and 2 girls competing in each team. Categories are Rx, Intermediate and Beginner.

CFQ have 5 teams on hold if we want them (1 Rx, 2 intermediate & 2 beginner) which we originally had on hold until end of August but they have now said we need initial details by the end of the week.

Check out information from last year here – or at

If you are interested in competing you will need to write your name up on the whiteboard at the box in the next few days otherwise reply here and I will add your name. Write your name, the category you wish to compete in & your t-shirt size.

Be aware that there may be too many of you so priority will go to those who have competed before or those who have come down to support our athletes in competition.

Cost of the comp is $45 per team member to be paid in advance in the next few weeks.

In addition we also need someone to put their hand up to be our judge, as each affiliate needs to supply one before competing. You will need to complete a quick online course which I can help you with if need be and I will also compensate you for your time and you will get priority to compete at future comps.

Unfortunately I have a wedding on this day but hopefully I can make the morning sessions & I am sure our other coaches will be around.

It’s just another chance to get the CFQ Colours out there so get on board!




  1. Hey Bec ill be happy to put my hand up to judge for you. Its not the first time i have judged for the Rex Cup.

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