We’re on the move!!!

Okay guys, so the cat is officially out of the very loosely tied bag!

We are on the move and our new premises are at 94 McCoy Street, Booragoon. (Just behind the back of Spotlight)

CFQ - 94 McCoy Street

Feel free to drive past and look at the new sign but beware you will not be able to see in just yet, as we are still keeping a few things a surprise…….

First official WOD’s there will likely be Monday 4th November and lots more information coming at you in the next few weeks.

What do you think?


Affiliate Cup 2013

Important Announcement: 

The 2103 Affiliate Cup is coming up and scheduled for Saturday 9th November.

This event is a teams based event with 2 guys and 2 girls competing in each team. Categories are Rx, Intermediate and Beginner.

CFQ have 5 teams on hold if we want them (1 Rx, 2 intermediate & 2 beginner) which we originally had on hold until end of August but they have now said we need initial details by the end of the week.

Check out information from last year here – https://www.facebook.com/rexaffiliatecup or at http://www.rexaffiliatecup.com/

If you are interested in competing you will need to write your name up on the whiteboard at the box in the next few days otherwise reply here and I will add your name. Write your name, the category you wish to compete in & your t-shirt size.

Be aware that there may be too many of you so priority will go to those who have competed before or those who have come down to support our athletes in competition.

Cost of the comp is $45 per team member to be paid in advance in the next few weeks.

In addition we also need someone to put their hand up to be our judge, as each affiliate needs to supply one before competing. You will need to complete a quick online course which I can help you with if need be and I will also compensate you for your time and you will get priority to compete at future comps.

Unfortunately I have a wedding on this day but hopefully I can make the morning sessions & I am sure our other coaches will be around.

It’s just another chance to get the CFQ Colours out there so get on board!



Special Post to CFQ Members

Hi CFQ’ers,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to each and every one of you.

After the events of the weekend at Primal Throwdown I have been filled with pride and amazement at what an awesome bunch of people that you all are and I thought it was important that I let you know.

To those who competed, I am so proud that you had the guts to have a crack and in doing so impressed all us spectators and even yourselves with feats that previously thought impossible. You will all be better athletes for competing and should be stoked with your performances.

To those who came down and supported our athletes (and there were plenty of you) thank you for giving up your weekend to help get our athletes through their workouts, to help push them past their limits and for acting as great, loud and enthusiastic ambassadors for CFQ.

To everyone else that sent their messages of good luck, congratulated our athletes and pushed them in workouts in the lead up, you all played your part, so I say thank you.

However my thanks goes further than just the events of the weekend. As we approach our 7th month at CFQ I could not be happier with the community we have created and as someone else recently put it, I have a whole lot of love for our “baby blue” family.

You guys have listened to our coaches, learnt new skills, progressed as athletes, welcomed new members, promoted CFQ to friends and had a good laugh along the way, which makes the box such a positive place to be.

And for all of that and much more, I say thank you.

I also take this opportunity to say a big thanks to our coaches Claire, Dave and Nick. You guys are a huge part in making the box such a welcoming, fun place to be, so I say a huge thank you.

As I look to the rest of the year, I am excited to see you all continue to improve and hopefully in the next few months we will have some exciting announcements that will take CFQ to another level.

You guys rock!


coach bec


Wildcard Weekend – Sundays Report

I know this has been a few days coming but it is worth the wait……

So after the excitement of Saturday’s events, we were back at Southern Crossfit on Sunday to cheer on the 2 Adam’s (Ads and Adam C) who had entered themselves in the Rx division.

I should just point out before I go on that they had both planned to enter Intermediate division at the Primal Throwdown but both missed out and then went to enter Intermediate at the Wildcard Weekend but this filled up with only Rx remaining. Adam C bravely decided to enter and pleaded with Ads to join him and with the pressure of only 1 spot left, Ads jumped in feet first and they were both locked in.

I rocked up to the event full of enthusiasm and ready to cheer like we had the day before. I knew that the boys wouldn’t be on straight away so I was a bit behind schedule and arrived to see Paul G, Anna, Candice and Nick heading up our CFQ cheer squad. Instantly they told me that they were both super nervous, Ads in particular. Hoping I would be a calming influence I went over to the warm-up area to see how they were going.

Nervous smiles and laughter was the response and a comment from Ads “Have you seen the size of these guys?” I wanted to say back to him, “Have you seen the size of yourself, you’re huge too” but instead went with the hopeful advice of “Well they might be big but that’s more weight to move in the burpees”

First up was the 12min rower/burpee WOD which was just as brutal as the day before, with the guys having to jump onto 4 stacked plates – essentially turning it into 5 x burpee box jumps every minute. This was a WOD that suited Ads and he placed himself right near us and came home in 7th overall. Adam C was a bit further from us but hopefully could hear us and put in a great effort. I was particularly stoked with his positive attitude all day and the way he just laughed at the absurdity of some of these workouts.

Next up was the barbell complex but today it also included 10 x Full Squat Snatches in addition to the 10 x Deadlifts, 10 x Power Cleans and 10 x Chest to Overhead all at 75kg! Again Ads put himself right in front of us and cruised through the first 3 movements to be second in his heat to reach he Snatches but unfortunately he couldn’t quite get the snatch completed. Adam C moved through his first 3 movements a bit more casually (though I am sure it didn’t feel like it) but still had time to attempt a snatch. Unfortunately a no rep but an awesome effort by both the guys and with only 10 guys in the Rx division actually completely even 1 Squat Snatch, our lads finished in equal 11th. Wohoo!


The next event seemed to come around mighty quick, which was the shuttle run/ pull up WOD with Rx Men trying to complete 10 Rds of 10 Shuttles/10 Pull-ups in 10mins. By this stage our guys were looking a bit shattered but pushed their hardest and battled through. Ads managed to tear his hands badly at about Round 6 which caused a trail of blood to follow him through the shuttle runs and I hope his wife Kylie was able to get the stains out his CFQ shirt. I think he scared a few small children though in the process.

shuttle run

Unfortunately for these guys this was not the end…. Sundays competitors were required to complete a 4th WOD. A 3min AMRAP of Back Squats at 100kg. But if after the first 3 reps you moved your feet even slightly or dropped the bar, you would have to complete 50 DU’s before getting the bar back on the racks and continuing. I’m not sure if many of us know what 100kg feels like on your back but I am sure it feels even heavier after 3 WOD’s in the previous 3 hours. It was a super impressive effort for Adam C to bash out 10 reps and Ads 7.

And with the barbell off their backs, they had finished. They had survived and done an absolute awesome job representing us. Adam C still had a huge smile on his face and was just disappointed he didn’t get to show off his new muscle up skills on the big stage. Ads eventually cracked a smile when I told him to go home and have a beer.

And although neither of them made it through to Primal, I am just so impressed that they stepped up and had a crack. Like our guys on Saturday they will both be better off for the experience and I know I would be pretty stoked with myself if I had entered and competed in Rx division.

So make sure you give them a huge congrats next time you see them, tell them they are awesome and boys, we certainly think you guys are winners!

Thanks for representing us, you’re both amazing!

Wildcard Weekend – Saturday’s Report

As most of you will have seen through the various posts and photos on the CFQ website & Facebook page, the Wildcard Weekend event was held over the weekend.

The Wildcard Weekend was an event put on by Southern CrossFit as an added chance for participants who missed out on an initial spot in the Primal Throwdown to win their way through. Basically top 5 in each category would be invited to move forward.

We have a few members who had put their hand up to compete, which I was stoked about as this would be CFQ’s first representation at a competition.

Saturday’s was all about the Ladies Beginner, Men’s Beginner and Ladies Intermediate categories and representing CFQ in the Ladies Beginner was Candice, Rachel, Amy and Abbey while Paul G was representing in Men’s Beginner.   

The first WOD of the day was a killer. A 12min rowing AMRAP where each athlete was required to get off the rower on the minute and complete 5 burpees with full lock out extension onto the plate.

I got there just in time for the first heat which had all our CFQ girls in it and tried to give them all a wave before they started. We also had a heap of CFQ members in their blue shirts cheering from the sidelines and the atmosphere was electric.

3,2,1…go and they were off and our girls were doing awesome. Despite not doing that much rowing at CFQ, their technique was looking solid and the speed at which the burpees was being completed was amazing (See told you all it’s good to practice burpees) Highlight of workout 1 was Candice disrobing her CFQ shirt mid workout and Abbey completely blowing away the rest of the field with a blistering 1942m rowed (A score which would have put her in the lead of Women’s Intermediate and 7th in Men’s Intermediate). Unsurprisingly Amy was not far behind either and slotted into 2nd place then had enough energy to cheer on her boyfriend Mac, who was honoured with a CFQ nickname “Paella” (long story but don’t get me to guess your nationality). Overall our girls did awesome and were glad to have one WOD finished.

Photos below courtesy of Gingerbread Media

rach rower candice rower abbey rower

Paul G was up next and looking slightly nervous but he parked himself on the rower right near the CFQ cheer squad and rowed as hard as he could right to the end. Possibly not loving life at the 7-8 min mark but I am not sure anyone would actually enjoy that workout. Falling of the rower at the end of the 12mins and looking at me as if to say “I do not really like you right now”, Paul was looking a bit faint but had to do his best to recover.

Photo courtesy of Gingerbread Media

paul rower 2

Workout 2 rolled around pretty quickly and it was a 5min AMRAP barbell complex (10 Deadlifts, 10 Power Cleans and 10 Chest to Overhead – 20kg bars for our girls and 40kg for Paul). With the girls up first, Rachel and Candice would certainly have the advantage in this one and they did not disappoint. They flew through the first 3 minutes with ease, not stopping at all to rest and then when I thought they would have to slow down, they just kept going. Rachel had the CFQ cheer squad right in front of her yelling their hearts out, while poor Candice had me standing inches next to her yelling at her not to stop in her last set of 10 overheads. Amy & Abbey also did an awesome job holding ground in a WOD that didn’t necessarily favour them but give that another 3-6 months and I think that will change.

Photos courtesy of Coach Dave

abs & ams cand & rach


Paul was up next and again chose to put himself right in front of our cheer squad. We had finally managed to bring a bit of colour back to his face and the way he pulled himself together after looking quite broken was truly remarkable. He deadlifted, cleaned and pressed the bar for the full 5mins and even though his body was not responding like he was hoping, he mind just kept him going. Although I know you were slightly disappointed Paul, you have to put it in perspective in regards to this being your second WOD in an hour and the way you were feeling just minutes before. You’ll get your chance to take revenge on this one, don’t worry!

Photo courtesy of Coach Dave

paul bb

 The 3rd and final WOD of the day was a combination of shuttle runs and pull-ups. Various discussions and tactics were held before the event and once again we had all fours girls in heat 1. We knew Abbey needed a big effort to stay in the top 5 and with Amy currently sitting in 9th, perhaps a big effort could move her up. I thought it was possible but unlikely, however what I did not count on was the super human effort she was about to put in. Now we all know that she is fast but bloody heck, she killed it and in the process jumped from 9th place into 3rd overall. Abbey also held on with a 5th placing in the last event to secure her with 2nd place overall and we had 2 of our girls securing a ticket to Primal.

Of course Candice and Rachel also put in every last bit of energy they had left into the final workout finishing 16th and 19th respectively overall. The look of relief on everyone’s faces when they had finished that last workout told me that they had given it their all – they had officially completed their first CrossFit competition.

Photo courtesy of Coach Bec

girl finish

But we weren’t quite done and this next part of the story is possibly my favourite from the weekend. You see Men’s Beginner we required to do 5 rounds of 5 unassisted pull-ups and 10 shuttle runs but the problem was Paul has never completed a WOD without bands. He had even texted me the night before asking “There won’t be unassisted pull-ups in Beginner will there?” I had reluctantly answered that morning “Not sure but there is nothing we can do now”

So Paul was nervous and facing the possibility of missing the 10min time cap and simply being stuck looking at the pull-up bar. I’m still not sure what actually happened in Paul’s head, especially considering the first 2 WOD’s looked like they broken him but he looked confident (well more confident that he had before). Suddenly they were off and we were all nervous and he got through the first 10 shuttle’s and onto the pull-ups. Would he make it???

Damn straight he would! He looked as though he had been doing pull-ups for ages and I am pretty sure he got through the first 5 unbroken…..I remember looking at someone and saying “Where the hell has he been hiding that” and so he just kept going…. 6 mins 34 sec later and not only had he beaten the time cap but he had completed the workout and has ensured that he does not get to use bands on pull-ups at CFQ ever again! 🙂

This effort also earned Paul “CFQ Member of the Week, so if you see him around the gym, give him a high five (if his arms have recovered and he can lift them that high).

Although I think you should give each of our athletes a special congrats when you see them at the box this week, as they represented us so well and I am sure they have become much better athletes because of the experience. I could not wipe the smile off my face all weekend when reflecting back on how each of you conducted yourselves, so thank you and well done. You should all be so proud!

Also thanks to our other members who came down to cheer our guys on – Mel, Nathan, Leigh, Dave, Adam C, Chelsea, Anna, Kate and Nick. The sea of blue in the corner was definitely the loudest and best looking crew on the floor.

So that was day 1 down and I was not sure my voice was going to hold up but we would be back tomorrow to cheer on the Adam’s who would be appearing in the Men’s Rx division!

Sunday’s report coming tomorrow………..

 sat cfq team


Caltex Wildcard Weekend

The Primal Throwdown Wildcard Weekend is being held this Saturday and Sunday at Southern CrossFit (10 Whyalla Street, Willeton)

This is the opportunity for those who missed out on a spot at the Primal Throwdown to battle it out for the last remaining places.

CFQ have a number of members competing, so if you have some free time then get down and cheer them on.


Saturday’s athletes –

  • Candice Elliott (Women’s Beginner)
  • Rachel Ivey (Women’s Beginner)
  • Abbey Herbert (Women’s Beginner)
  • Amy Farcich (Women’s Beginner)
  • Paul Gatopulosz (Men’s Beginner)


Sunday’s athletes –

  • Adam Moore (Mens Rx)
  • Adam Cannell (Mens Rx)


The competition kicks off at 10am on both days and should run for most of the day. Athletes have been told to be prepared for 3-4 workouts across the day so there will be plenty of cheering to be done.

Wear your CFQ Shirt if you have one, otherwise buy one off Bec (if your size if left) at the gym of Saturday to wear proudly.

This is CFQ’s first time showing our stuff to the rest of the WA CrossFit community so let’s show them how awesome & supportive of our members we are.

To those competing good luck, have fun and we thank you for representing us! You are already winners!

CFQ OPEN DAY – Saturday Jan 5th

To celebrate our official opening, we are holding an Open Day on Saturday Jan 5th.

We will be kicking things off with WOD’s at 7.30am and 8.15am to be followed by a BBQ Breakfast.

To register your interest for either WOD, email us at [email protected]

Otherwise feel free to simply come down, take a look, enjoy the BBQ and say G’Day!

We will be taking our final memberships to our First Quarter Crew and then kicking off normal scheduling from Monday 7th Jan.

We hope to see you there!

Bec & the CFQ Team.

Free Trial Classes – December

As we prepare for our Jan 5th opening, we will be holding a number of free trial classes who are keen to come down and give CrossFit a go.

The following class times are available –

  • Monday 17th at 6.30pm
  • Wednesday 19th at 6.30pm
  • Saturday 22nd at 8am

If you would like to come along, simply email us at [email protected] and let us know which class time best suits.

We look forward to seeing you at the box.


A big week at CFQ!

This last week has been the biggest yet for CrossFit Quarter Melville. We got the keys to our box, our awesome Iron Edge equipment arrived and we laid the flooring.

The next few weeks will see more equipment being delivered, the pull up rig being installed, running distances being marked, signage erected and a few other surprises.

We are starting to get very excited and we hope in a few short weeks, we will be ready to start running some WOD’s prior to our official launch on Sat Jan 5th.

In the meantime we will be scheduling free trial classes, so to get your name on the list email [email protected]

Watch this space for more information……….