CFQ Supervised Play Room

Our supervised play room is a complimentary service provided to help facilitate attendance to CFQ for parents of small children.

As a coaching team of 5 and with 11 children between us, we know the challenges of getting to the gym but more importantly the benefits of doing so.

Therefore our supervised play room is open to children under the care of members when participating in a specified class on the premises.

The play room is only open at specified times, currently during our CFQ conditioning classes running Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 10am.

The play room is not a licensed child care service. As such, we are not subject to the licensing requirements of the Children and Community Services Act 2004.

You, as the parent or guardian, maintain responsibility for your child at all times. A separate room at the front of our gym, with glass windows and a clear door opening (with baby gate) ensure that you can view/check on your child as much as you wish.

The play room is open to children aged over 6 months to under 6 years during scheduled hours.

Children under 6 months are welcome to accompany their parents to classes when the play room is open and be placed in the main gym floor on a rug, pram or bouncer (limited available)

Older children are also welcome to attend classes with their parents as long as they can be contained off the main gym floor. There is a couch, bean bags and chairs for them to sit on whilst doing school work or watching an ipad etc…. For safety of both class participants and children, they must remain in the bag/couch area at all times while class is in session.

Children are welcome to bring a drink bottle (water only) with them. Please ensure it is clearly labelled. No glass bottles please.

Play room supervisors will not be responsible for attending to the toileting needs of the children. If your child is out of nappies and needs to attend the bathroom during class, we will advise the parent who will be required to take them. If the child is in nappies and requires a change, then the parent will be called to attendee to this. Once changed/toileted then they can immediately return to the play room.

Please do not bring your child/children into the playroom if they have cold or flu symptoms, conjunctivitis, diarrhoea, vomiting, cold sores, school sore, rash, fever or any other obvious illness.

In order to prevent cross infection, sick children are not able to attend the play room. School children who are not well enough to attend school should not be attending the gym.

Should a child within the playroom become overly distressed or display unacceptable behaviour then the supervising staff member will (in interest of all concerned) request that they parent collect the child from the play room.

The play room is full of toys including but not limited to duplo, play kitchen, dolls, cars, books, puzzles, a chalk table, colouring and walkers.

Donations for toys are also welcomed.

At present no booking for the play room is required, simply attend the gym at least 5 mins before the start of your session (10 mins if your first day) to settle your child in and collect your child within 10 mins of your session finishing.