CrossFit at CFQ

Our flagship CrossFit program caters for anyone and everyone aged 18 years plus.

The biggest misconception we wish we could dispel about CrossFit is that you need to be fit to start. This is certainly not the case, as everything we do is scalable and it is our belief that whether you are a high performing athlete or a 80 year old grandmother your movement requirements should differ by degree, not kind.

We all need to be able to lift objects, squat down and move freely at some level, so we simply train in the gym to ensure that our life outside the gym is easier.

Entering into a CrossFit gym it does look different to what you may be used to, usually with a large pull-up rig dominating the space, lots of barbells, kettle bells and rowing machines etc. but at CFQ we have such a diverse range of members and we all started as beginners. The most common thing people tell us once they start training is that they wonder why they were so nervous or that they wish they started sooner.

Every time you come to a CrossFit class you are greeted by a coach who is there to guide the group through the 60 minute session.

A standard class run similar to the following:

  • Class Welcome from the coach
    • Introducing any newbies, visitors or special news
  • White board explanation
    • Coach will run through the work that will be done in class, as well as any reminders on movements and explaining what we are working on or trying to achieve for that day
  • General Warm-up
    • Run, row, skip or perhaps a fun game – anything to get the blood flowing
  • Mobility work/drills
    • Coach may incorporate some mobility work/drills that may help you with the movements coming up
  • Specific Warm-up / Technique review
    • Depending on the movement in the workout, coach will move toward more specific warm-up activities, as well as running over technique, coaching cues and practice
  • Part A: Skill or Strength Work
    • Most week days we have a Part A of the WOD (Workout of the Day) which focuses on improving a skill or doing strength work for maximum load.
    • Examples of skill work may be 15 mins of handstand practice – where some people may be trying to master kicking up to the wall and others walking around the gym on their hands.
    • Example of strength could be 5 x 2 Front Squat done every 2 mins. We would warm up as a group then lift together every 2 mins, aiming for max load on the 5th set.
  • Part B: Metabolic Conditioning
    • This is the workout portion where the music goes, up, energy increases and we really get hot and sweaty. The movements see in Part B are usually related to those in Part A ensuring we are nice and primed to get it done.
  • Pack Away Equipment
    • Only once everyone is finished, do we pack away as a team
  • Cool down, stretching and post wod chats
    • Class finishes with members stretching, rolling out and socialising together as a group.

Taking a newbie from complete beginner into the group class setting is explained in our Membership Process Page here.