Monday 23rd December 2013

For time:

  • 1km Row
  • 21-15-9
    • Power Clean (35/50)
    • Pull-ups
  • 1km Run


Don’t forget about Tuesday’s Christmas Eve WOD at Quarantine Park, Bicton Baths. 

7.30am WOD followed by a BBQ

The 6am WOD will still be on at the gym but don’t go to both, as they will be the same. 

santa ripped


  1. Jess G; 20.03 (30kg, O + Y)
    Tony;19.30 (45kg)
    Alicia; 18.43 RX
    Cass; 20.00 (20kg, RR)
    Liz; 17.35 (25kg, O + Y)
    Candice; 20.00 (400m, RX)
    Heidi; 20.10 (20kg, O)
    Tyler; 20.00 (500m, 40kg)
    Karis; 20.40 (25kg O)
    Stu S; 18.33 (35kg, R)
    Nick P; 20.00 (400m, 35kg, R)
    Blake; 19.14 (25kg, R + O)
    Rach; 200m (32.5kg)
    Dave; 14.59 RX
    Kate L; 20.00 (800m, 22,5kg, O)
    Mel W; 20.24 (25kg, O)
    Abbey; 19.37 RX
    Mac; 19.30 (ring row, 30kg)
    Peter T; 2025 (30kg, R)
    Mel; 16.40 RX
    Mogs; 20.00 (600m)
    Caitlin;19.00 (25kg, ring row)
    David;16.35 (40kg, Ring row)
    Nick; 16.10 (dips, Pushups, Row)
    Jez;18.54 (45kg, O+Y)
    Bec J; 18.18 (23kg, Y)
    Hope; 17.17 (30kg, R)
    Sean; 17.24 RX
    JB; 17.59 RX
    Bec; 16.06 RX

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