Monday 4th March 2013 – Public Holiday

Don’t forget the only WOD on Monday will be at 8am to be followed by a BBQ Breakfast.


In pairs, complete the following

  • 100 KBS (16/24)
  • 100 Box Jumps (20/24)
  • 100 Deadlifts (50/70)
  • 100 Pull-ups
  • 100 Burpees

Can be split in any way you wish but you must finish all 100 reps before moving on tot he next movement. Start at any station but must follow the same order.

The partner not working must be holding the team’s medicine ball mascot. If the med ball hits the ground at any time, the pair must run 200m with their ball.

Monday BBQ


  1. The Public Holiday attendees smashed out an awesome chipper in pairs, which looked a lot easier on paper than it turned out to be and were rewarded with bacon & eggs for brekkie. Pete the photog was there capturing the morning’s events, so look out for cool pics to come. Great work team!

    Abbey & Amy – The speedy pocket rockets raced through the workout & finished looking they could have done it all again. Super work girls, you are both becoming awesome CF’ers and I can’t wait to see your continual progression.
    21.49 (14kg KB, 40kg DL, Abbey – R & Y, Amy – Red x2)

    Glen & Tony – Starting wiht pull-ups then going straight to burpees for their second movement these two shot some looks the coaches way that indicated that they were not ‘loving life’ but at the end the smiles returned at the sight of the BBQ cooking. Awesome lads, great Rx pull-ups by Glen & Tony’s Deadlifts were textbook.
    30.19 (Tony – Red)

    Justin & Amanda – By far the tallest man to grace CFQ at 7ft, it is impressive to see that Justin could easily stand on the band and reach up to the tallest pull-up bar. The first husband & wife team WOD at the box, Amanda’s encouragement helped Justin cruise through his first WOD at CFQ.
    29.05 (12kg/14kg KB, 35kg/40kg DL, Just – Blue x2, Amanda – B & O)

    Maddie & Candice – Even if the midst of a tough workout, I can still get a smile out of these two, even after they were nearly sent on a 200m run with “Wilson” after almost forgetting him before starting the burpees.
    30.18 (12kg KB, 25kg DL, Maddie – B & Y, Candice – B & O)

    Adam & Holly – Perhaps mismatched on paper, these two team up and smashed through the workout together like seasoned pro’s. Even though Holly seemed to be doing all the work everytime I turned around, the sweat Adam produced suggested he did contribute.
    I think these two were so many to finish, that they failed to look at their time.

  2. Thanks Bec! Great way to top off the long weekend 🙂

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