Club 55

Age is just a number for some of our members who are proving that fitness is not restricted to the young!

Therefore coming to CFQ in July is a special club exclusive to only those with plenty of life experience. It is Club 55.

We all know about the benefits of regular exercise and how strength training can help with bone density, improve balance and preventing illness.

But what about the benefits of training with like minded people, having fun, learning new skills and becoming fitter, stronger and being more energised that those half your age.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

We aim to build a community of members who prove that it is never too late to start. We hope that our community encourages others to take control of your lives, live to your full potential and ensure you can keep up with your grandchildren.

We want exercise to be fun, we want you to help us build a movement and we want you to look forward to coming to the gym!

Our over 55 Club will run Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10am with members having options to attend once, twice or three times per week.

All classes will be taken by a qualified coach, with no previous experience required and all movements/sessions will be scaled and tailored to the individual.

We are currently taking expressions of interest for the first intake, so if you would like to be included on our special Foundations membership then email us at with the subject line “VIP Club 55”.

Or simply enter your details on the panel to the right and we will be in contact.

It’s time to turn back the clock!

Are you going to join us?

Keep up with the grandkids!