Saturday 18th May 2013

Partner WOD

In pairs complete the following –

  • 100 x 10m Shuttle Runs
  • 100 x Double Unders
  • 100 x Push-ups
  • 100 x BXJ (20″24″)
  • 100 x Partner Wall Balls (7/9)
  • 100x Partner Sit-ups

Complete exercises in any order but you must finish the full 100 reps of one exercise before moving on.

While one person is working on shuttle runs, double unders and push-ups the other partner must be either holding static squat against the wall, in handstand hold, holding plank position, hanging off bar in active shoulders or holding plate overhead (10/20). Partner can not start reps until they are in this position.

High Fives recommended!

high five

After the WOD if you have some free time, get down to Southern CrossFit to watch our guys & gals competing the Wildcard Weekend Competition. More details on the previous post.



  1. Yeeeeoooowwwww ! Epic WOD

  2. L.M.K (Lloyd, Kate & Megan) – 30.28 (150 reps, 5kg WB, single skips)
    Claudia & Amanda – 26.01 (4kg, 300 singles)
    Ramon & Lee – 25.59 (7kg WB, single skips)
    Nath & Tassie – 30.34 Rx
    Kiren & Leigh – 31.40 Rx
    Mel W & Hol – 30.17 (4kg WB, single skips)

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