Saturday 19th April 2014

Get ready…’s a big one so you can indulge in Easter Eggs on Sunday.


5RFT of:

  • 800m Run
  • 30 KBS (24/32)
  • 30 Pull-ups

 Or for those of you who may have just fallen off your chair, you can complete Eva’s little sister, “Evie”


3RFT of

  • 800m Run
  • 30 KBS (24/32)
  • 30 Pull-ups

50 min cut-off – not much time to warm-up so be ready! We won’t be waiting for anyone to finishing taping their hands etc….

Compare to last time when we attempted “Eva” last time here.



  1. 7am
    Mark; evie / 30 (9”, 18kg OY)
    Emma; (3 Rounds EVA) 35/54 (10kg, RO)
    Cass; evie / 37.18 (14kg, RR, Row)
    Nikki; 45.27 (12kg, P, eva)
    Nat; 45.30 (12kg, RY, eva)
    Evie; 48.55 (eva, 16kg, RY, ring rows)
    Brett; 4+11 RR (Row, 20kg, RR)
    Sez; eva 49.30 (14kg, Russians R, +30 ring rows)
    Nath; 4+6kb (24kg)
    Abbey; 41;42 (18kg) eva
    Candice; 4+25m (16kg, eva)
    Kate McC; 4+10 pu (12kg, B)
    Rach B; 27.47 (eva, row, 16kg)
    Dvae: 42.15
    Sean; 45.57 (eva, 24kg, 2xpu, RY, 3xRR)
    Rach; evie – 37.39 rx
    Hope; eva – 48mins (OY – last set RR, 16kg)
    Bec J; eva – 46.26 (16kg, RR last round)
    Angie; eva – 50 (12kg, RO)
    JB; eva / 49.44 rx
    Hol; eva – 4+ 700m (y, 14kg)
    Mel W; 4+400m (r, wo, 16kg)
    Anna K; Eva – 4+3 pull ups (16kg, Y)
    Bec; 49.26 rx
    Leigh; 4+15 kbs

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