Special Post to CFQ Members

Hi CFQ’ers,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to each and every one of you.

After the events of the weekend at Primal Throwdown I have been filled with pride and amazement at what an awesome bunch of people that you all are and I thought it was important that I let you know.

To those who competed, I am so proud that you had the guts to have a crack and in doing so impressed all us spectators and even yourselves with feats that previously thought impossible. You will all be better athletes for competing and should be stoked with your performances.

To those who came down and supported our athletes (and there were plenty of you) thank you for giving up your weekend to help get our athletes through their workouts, to help push them past their limits and for acting as great, loud and enthusiastic ambassadors for CFQ.

To everyone else that sent their messages of good luck, congratulated our athletes and pushed them in workouts in the lead up, you all played your part, so I say thank you.

However my thanks goes further than just the events of the weekend. As we approach our 7th month at CFQ I could not be happier with the community we have created and as someone else recently put it, I have a whole lot of love for our “baby blue” family.

You guys have listened to our coaches, learnt new skills, progressed as athletes, welcomed new members, promoted CFQ to friends and had a good laugh along the way, which makes the box such a positive place to be.

And for all of that and much more, I say thank you.

I also take this opportunity to say a big thanks to our coaches Claire, Dave and Nick. You guys are a huge part in making the box such a welcoming, fun place to be, so I say a huge thank you.

As I look to the rest of the year, I am excited to see you all continue to improve and hopefully in the next few months we will have some exciting announcements that will take CFQ to another level.

You guys rock!


coach bec



  1. Nicholas says:

    A truer word could not be spoken Bec !!!

    I think I speak on behalf of everyone at CFQ and say a HUGE thank to you Bec. You have worked extremely hard to create this fantastic ‘baby blue’ community. Your tireless efforts to program classes, train new members, manage existing members does not go unnoticed. For those CFQers that aren’t aware, Bec works her butt off everyday to make our box an awesome place to train everyday.

    Again thank you Bec and well done on the weekend 🙂

  2. Chelsea says:

    It’s exciting to be part of this new little community! Thanks for creating such a great box Bec 🙂

  3. No worries Chelsea and so glad to have you as a part of it!

  4. Bec……Thankyoouuuu! Couldn’t agree more that what you have created at CFQ is amazing! Love our ‘baby blue’ family….So proud to be a part of it! Always inspired by our awesome coaches and fellow CFQers to improve and achieve new goals! Exciting times!

  5. So much love for the baby blue brigade! Go CFQ!!! Well done Bec – what an awesome achievement x

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