Sunday 12th April 2020

Deck of Cards WOD

Great one to complete with your household after eating all the eggs on Easter morning.

Before the clock starts each pick your first card from the deck to determine what exercise to do and how many reps.

Card value = number of reps (Face cards = 10, Aces = 11).

Suit determines the exercise:

  • Hearts = Push-Ups
  • Diamonds = Sit-Ups
  • Clubs = Jumping Air Squats
  • Spades = Burpees

Jokers = 1 min plank hold

Once you finish your exercise then pick the next card and continue all cards gone.

Score is the time it takes to complete the work dictated by all 54 cards.

The person with the most cards wins.

If completing on your own, then simply do the work on every second card.

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