Thursday 7th May 2020

A. E2M for 8 (4 rounds) of complex

  • 5 deadlifts
  • 5 power cleans
  • 5 front squats
  • 5 push jerks

Focus on technique and smooth movement. Think of it as a warm-up for Part B. If using KB/DB then 5 each side. Plate is 10 reps.


B. 2mins on 1min off for 15 (5 rnds)

100m Run then into max reps of:

  • Round 1. Deadlift
  • Round 2. Hang Power Clean
  • Round 3. Front Squat
  • Round 4. Shoulder to Overhead
  • Round 5. Squat Snatch (42.5/60)

 Run is buy in, then max deadlifts until 2 minutes is up. Next round is buy in run plus max hang power cleans, next is buy in run plus max front squats.

Score reps down each movement.

10 x 10m shuttles or 20 Up/Downs

If using one arm movement then change every 5 reps.

Squat Snatch changed DB/KB Snatch or Plate Ground to Overhead.

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