Wednesday 1st December 2014


We have big plans to make 2014 bigger and better than 2013 and hope you guys are on board!

More events, both social and competitive, internal competitions and endless PR’s.

We will start the year off with a bang next week when we launch “Benchmark Week”

Each day next week we will be doing benchmark workout or aiming for 1RM’s in various lifts,

so we have Benchmark scores for each of you to record.

Then we will retest several times throughout the year so we can track progress.

We will release the whole week’s timetable in advance on the website Sunday night, so you can plan accordingly.


Plus don’t forget we would love for you to attend our 1st Birthday Celebrations this Saturday night if you are available.

6.30pm at The Norfolk, Fremantle 

$10 / person to cover food.

Partners welcome to attend. See our Facebook Group for more details.


  1. Wow!! So excited for 2014!! Thanks for an amazing 2013 Bec! Feel so proud to be a member of CFQ.

  2. Benchmark week to be pushed back a week to start 13/1 pleeasssseeee


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