Wednesday 6th March 2013

A. Strict Press


B. 21-15-9

  • Front Squat (35/50)
  • Push Press (35/50)
  • Double Unders


The Open is only days away……..and while not everyone may be ready to compete this year, the next 5 Saturday’s will give you a taste for 2014!

See WOD Scores below…..

WOD results 6.03.13 (2)


  1. So I am over in Melbourne. Went to a box for a visit the wod was 50,40,30,20,10 kb swing,sdhp, squat thrusters, 15 min cut off.
    Ridiculous right I got to 20 of 30 in my squat thrusters before I ran out of time.
    Lets see what today has in stall

  2. Scoreboard results posted as a picture above. Hopefully you can read your own writing.

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