Wildcard Weekend – Saturday’s Report

As most of you will have seen through the various posts and photos on the CFQ website & Facebook page, the Wildcard Weekend event was held over the weekend.

The Wildcard Weekend was an event put on by Southern CrossFit as an added chance for participants who missed out on an initial spot in the Primal Throwdown to win their way through. Basically top 5 in each category would be invited to move forward.

We have a few members who had put their hand up to compete, which I was stoked about as this would be CFQ’s first representation at a competition.

Saturday’s was all about the Ladies Beginner, Men’s Beginner and Ladies Intermediate categories and representing CFQ in the Ladies Beginner was Candice, Rachel, Amy and Abbey while Paul G was representing in Men’s Beginner.   

The first WOD of the day was a killer. A 12min rowing AMRAP where each athlete was required to get off the rower on the minute and complete 5 burpees with full lock out extension onto the plate.

I got there just in time for the first heat which had all our CFQ girls in it and tried to give them all a wave before they started. We also had a heap of CFQ members in their blue shirts cheering from the sidelines and the atmosphere was electric.

3,2,1…go and they were off and our girls were doing awesome. Despite not doing that much rowing at CFQ, their technique was looking solid and the speed at which the burpees was being completed was amazing (See told you all it’s good to practice burpees) Highlight of workout 1 was Candice disrobing her CFQ shirt mid workout and Abbey completely blowing away the rest of the field with a blistering 1942m rowed (A score which would have put her in the lead of Women’s Intermediate and 7th in Men’s Intermediate). Unsurprisingly Amy was not far behind either and slotted into 2nd place then had enough energy to cheer on her boyfriend Mac, who was honoured with a CFQ nickname “Paella” (long story but don’t get me to guess your nationality). Overall our girls did awesome and were glad to have one WOD finished.

Photos below courtesy of Gingerbread Media

rach rower candice rower abbey rower

Paul G was up next and looking slightly nervous but he parked himself on the rower right near the CFQ cheer squad and rowed as hard as he could right to the end. Possibly not loving life at the 7-8 min mark but I am not sure anyone would actually enjoy that workout. Falling of the rower at the end of the 12mins and looking at me as if to say “I do not really like you right now”, Paul was looking a bit faint but had to do his best to recover.

Photo courtesy of Gingerbread Media

paul rower 2

Workout 2 rolled around pretty quickly and it was a 5min AMRAP barbell complex (10 Deadlifts, 10 Power Cleans and 10 Chest to Overhead – 20kg bars for our girls and 40kg for Paul). With the girls up first, Rachel and Candice would certainly have the advantage in this one and they did not disappoint. They flew through the first 3 minutes with ease, not stopping at all to rest and then when I thought they would have to slow down, they just kept going. Rachel had the CFQ cheer squad right in front of her yelling their hearts out, while poor Candice had me standing inches next to her yelling at her not to stop in her last set of 10 overheads. Amy & Abbey also did an awesome job holding ground in a WOD that didn’t necessarily favour them but give that another 3-6 months and I think that will change.

Photos courtesy of Coach Dave

abs & ams cand & rach


Paul was up next and again chose to put himself right in front of our cheer squad. We had finally managed to bring a bit of colour back to his face and the way he pulled himself together after looking quite broken was truly remarkable. He deadlifted, cleaned and pressed the bar for the full 5mins and even though his body was not responding like he was hoping, he mind just kept him going. Although I know you were slightly disappointed Paul, you have to put it in perspective in regards to this being your second WOD in an hour and the way you were feeling just minutes before. You’ll get your chance to take revenge on this one, don’t worry!

Photo courtesy of Coach Dave

paul bb

 The 3rd and final WOD of the day was a combination of shuttle runs and pull-ups. Various discussions and tactics were held before the event and once again we had all fours girls in heat 1. We knew Abbey needed a big effort to stay in the top 5 and with Amy currently sitting in 9th, perhaps a big effort could move her up. I thought it was possible but unlikely, however what I did not count on was the super human effort she was about to put in. Now we all know that she is fast but bloody heck, she killed it and in the process jumped from 9th place into 3rd overall. Abbey also held on with a 5th placing in the last event to secure her with 2nd place overall and we had 2 of our girls securing a ticket to Primal.

Of course Candice and Rachel also put in every last bit of energy they had left into the final workout finishing 16th and 19th respectively overall. The look of relief on everyone’s faces when they had finished that last workout told me that they had given it their all – they had officially completed their first CrossFit competition.

Photo courtesy of Coach Bec

girl finish

But we weren’t quite done and this next part of the story is possibly my favourite from the weekend. You see Men’s Beginner we required to do 5 rounds of 5 unassisted pull-ups and 10 shuttle runs but the problem was Paul has never completed a WOD without bands. He had even texted me the night before asking “There won’t be unassisted pull-ups in Beginner will there?” I had reluctantly answered that morning “Not sure but there is nothing we can do now”

So Paul was nervous and facing the possibility of missing the 10min time cap and simply being stuck looking at the pull-up bar. I’m still not sure what actually happened in Paul’s head, especially considering the first 2 WOD’s looked like they broken him but he looked confident (well more confident that he had before). Suddenly they were off and we were all nervous and he got through the first 10 shuttle’s and onto the pull-ups. Would he make it???

Damn straight he would! He looked as though he had been doing pull-ups for ages and I am pretty sure he got through the first 5 unbroken…..I remember looking at someone and saying “Where the hell has he been hiding that” and so he just kept going…. 6 mins 34 sec later and not only had he beaten the time cap but he had completed the workout and has ensured that he does not get to use bands on pull-ups at CFQ ever again! 🙂

This effort also earned Paul “CFQ Member of the Week, so if you see him around the gym, give him a high five (if his arms have recovered and he can lift them that high).

Although I think you should give each of our athletes a special congrats when you see them at the box this week, as they represented us so well and I am sure they have become much better athletes because of the experience. I could not wipe the smile off my face all weekend when reflecting back on how each of you conducted yourselves, so thank you and well done. You should all be so proud!

Also thanks to our other members who came down to cheer our guys on – Mel, Nathan, Leigh, Dave, Adam C, Chelsea, Anna, Kate and Nick. The sea of blue in the corner was definitely the loudest and best looking crew on the floor.

So that was day 1 down and I was not sure my voice was going to hold up but we would be back tomorrow to cheer on the Adam’s who would be appearing in the Men’s Rx division!

Sunday’s report coming tomorrow………..

 sat cfq team



  1. Thanks so much for this write-up Bec, really sums up the day perfectly!! Paella will be happy to have received a mention too 🙂

    • You’ll have to get him down at some stage to join us for a WOD, although he definately has to write that nickname on the board!

  2. Awesome blog Bec! You must be so pleased with all you have achieved with CFQ- well done! X

    • Thanks Rachie but you guys deserve the congrats for that one! So stoked you’ve embraced it so much & just keep going from strength to strength.

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