Wildcard Weekend – Sundays Report

I know this has been a few days coming but it is worth the wait……

So after the excitement of Saturday’s events, we were back at Southern Crossfit on Sunday to cheer on the 2 Adam’s (Ads and Adam C) who had entered themselves in the Rx division.

I should just point out before I go on that they had both planned to enter Intermediate division at the Primal Throwdown but both missed out and then went to enter Intermediate at the Wildcard Weekend but this filled up with only Rx remaining. Adam C bravely decided to enter and pleaded with Ads to join him and with the pressure of only 1 spot left, Ads jumped in feet first and they were both locked in.

I rocked up to the event full of enthusiasm and ready to cheer like we had the day before. I knew that the boys wouldn’t be on straight away so I was a bit behind schedule and arrived to see Paul G, Anna, Candice and Nick heading up our CFQ cheer squad. Instantly they told me that they were both super nervous, Ads in particular. Hoping I would be a calming influence I went over to the warm-up area to see how they were going.

Nervous smiles and laughter was the response and a comment from Ads “Have you seen the size of these guys?” I wanted to say back to him, “Have you seen the size of yourself, you’re huge too” but instead went with the hopeful advice of “Well they might be big but that’s more weight to move in the burpees”

First up was the 12min rower/burpee WOD which was just as brutal as the day before, with the guys having to jump onto 4 stacked plates – essentially turning it into 5 x burpee box jumps every minute. This was a WOD that suited Ads and he placed himself right near us and came home in 7th overall. Adam C was a bit further from us but hopefully could hear us and put in a great effort. I was particularly stoked with his positive attitude all day and the way he just laughed at the absurdity of some of these workouts.

Next up was the barbell complex but today it also included 10 x Full Squat Snatches in addition to the 10 x Deadlifts, 10 x Power Cleans and 10 x Chest to Overhead all at 75kg! Again Ads put himself right in front of us and cruised through the first 3 movements to be second in his heat to reach he Snatches but unfortunately he couldn’t quite get the snatch completed. Adam C moved through his first 3 movements a bit more casually (though I am sure it didn’t feel like it) but still had time to attempt a snatch. Unfortunately a no rep but an awesome effort by both the guys and with only 10 guys in the Rx division actually completely even 1 Squat Snatch, our lads finished in equal 11th. Wohoo!


The next event seemed to come around mighty quick, which was the shuttle run/ pull up WOD with Rx Men trying to complete 10 Rds of 10 Shuttles/10 Pull-ups in 10mins. By this stage our guys were looking a bit shattered but pushed their hardest and battled through. Ads managed to tear his hands badly at about Round 6 which caused a trail of blood to follow him through the shuttle runs and I hope his wife Kylie was able to get the stains out his CFQ shirt. I think he scared a few small children though in the process.

shuttle run

Unfortunately for these guys this was not the end…. Sundays competitors were required to complete a 4th WOD. A 3min AMRAP of Back Squats at 100kg. But if after the first 3 reps you moved your feet even slightly or dropped the bar, you would have to complete 50 DU’s before getting the bar back on the racks and continuing. I’m not sure if many of us know what 100kg feels like on your back but I am sure it feels even heavier after 3 WOD’s in the previous 3 hours. It was a super impressive effort for Adam C to bash out 10 reps and Ads 7.

And with the barbell off their backs, they had finished. They had survived and done an absolute awesome job representing us. Adam C still had a huge smile on his face and was just disappointed he didn’t get to show off his new muscle up skills on the big stage. Ads eventually cracked a smile when I told him to go home and have a beer.

And although neither of them made it through to Primal, I am just so impressed that they stepped up and had a crack. Like our guys on Saturday they will both be better off for the experience and I know I would be pretty stoked with myself if I had entered and competed in Rx division.

So make sure you give them a huge congrats next time you see them, tell them they are awesome and boys, we certainly think you guys are winners!

Thanks for representing us, you’re both amazing!


  1. Thanks Bec… Awesome report! Was stoaked to represent CFQ, and to have the support of the team made it more, dare I say “enjoyable”!

  2. Yay! Well done boys!

  3. You guys did awesome! It was great to see the humour amongst the pain on the day!

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